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Healthcare Industry Case Study

Construction of the new St. Joseph's Hospital, a $63 million hospital campus slated to replace the 63 year old original, began on On April 1st 2012. Peggy Sebastian, CEO of St. Joseph's Hospital, envisioned a "healing environment that [would provide] a high-quality, Franciscan patient experience", and Foppe Visual Communication was selected to help realize that vision. In the months that were to follow, Foppe Visual would create and install a full suite of on-brand products that would aim to aesthetically tie St. Joseph's identity to it's new home.

A Place of Healing

Wellspring Resources ExteriorThe new St. Joseph's Hospital campus, encompassing more than 125,000 square feet, would require a large mix of products including branded ADA-compliant wayfinding solutions, custom artwork installments, and an astounding mixed media donor wall that also houses a multimedia history kiosk. An important cornerstone of the project was to not only instill St. Joseph's new brand identity, but to also foster an environment that felt genuine and true to it's 63 year old predecessor. Many relics of the past can be found throughout the hospital, nested within visual elements designed and installed by Foppe Visual Communication.

Dimensional LogoDespite an aggressive schedule to ensure St. Joseph's Hospital would be ready for the public by August of 2013, Foppe Visual was able to successfully collaborate with not only St. Joseph's Hospital, but also Korte & Luitjohan Contractors, Inc. and McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. to aid in the creation of a unique healing environment that seamlessly blended the campus' state of the art medical facilities with the surrounding countryside.

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