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Proefssional Industry Case Study

Founded in 1999, Simmons is a leading national law firm specializing in mesothelioma litigation, pharmaceutical, complex and personal injury litigation. In 2009, the decision was made to consolidate all 6 of Simmons' offices (totaling more than 200 employees) and relocate them to a centralized location. The new headquarters was to be located in the newly renovated Jefferson Smurfit Building in downtown Alton, and would require a reimagining of their brand image.

A New Home, a New Image

Simmons Law Firm ExteriorFoppe Visual Communication was called upon to oversee the rebranding of Simmons Law Firm in all aspects of their identity. Now consolidated under one banner, the law offices of Simmons Law Firm desired a design package that was strong, dependable and steadfast. This was accomplished not only by the installation of a massive brushed aluminum logo on the buildings face, but also by the combination of steel and natural stone signage throughout the building’s exterior properties.

Exterior BrandingClients of Simmons are given a sense of the firm’s unwavering professionalism thanks to the other enhancements created and installed by Foppe Visual, including wayfinding signage, conference room areas, work cubicle identities and dimensional branding. With thousands of clients across the country, and more than $4 billion in verdicts and settlements on their behalf, Simmons Law firm also has a sleek professional environment to match their implacable dedication to justice; thanks to Foppe Visual Communication.

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