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Litchfield Route 66 Museum |

Event & Exibit Industry Case Study

In April of 2012, construction began on The Litchfield Museum and Route 66 Welcome Center. The 4,600 sq. ft. building would be able to easily house artifacts, memorabilia, offices for Litchfield Tourism, Chamber of Commerce, Genealogy Society, a museum office and a conference room. When it became necessary to consult with a design firm who possessed the knowledge and practical skill to properly frame the narrative of Litchfield's rich history, Foppe Visual Communication was selected for the task.

A Drive Down Memory Lane

Museum ExteriorIn June of 2013, Foppe Visual Communication successfully completed the environmental branding for the new Litchfield Museum & Route 66 Welcome Center. Foppe Visual's goal for the museum was to create a stimulating environment that visually tell the stories of Litchfield's history and the Route 66 era. This was accomplished through the implementation of commercial graphics, informational kiosks, video monitors, and exhibit displays. This goal was not only reached, but was pushed one step further.

Ribbon CuttingTo ensure sustainability, some particularly innovative methods were implemented in the concept of the museum's displays. By employing modular display units in lieu of traditional static displays, curators now have the ability to easily rearrange and modify their presentations when the need arises. This methodology empowers our clients to take ownership of their branded environment, and maintain it long after our consultations have come to a close. It not only adds value to the project, but to the brand itself.

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