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Jon Davis Wrestling Center |

Education Industry Case Study

The Jon Davis Center, built in 2009 to continue the legacy left by Jon Davis, serves as a training facility for wrestlers from Edwardsville, from the State of Illinois, and from across the nation. An affiliate of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), The Jon Davis Wrestling Center seeks to not only strengthen the physical and competitive prowess of the youth who train under it's roof, but to also foster a spiritual enrichment as well. As such, stakeholders of The Jon Davis Center sought the guidance of a design firm that could capture all facets of this philosophy and integrate it into their new brand identity.

The Competitor's Spirit

Wellspring Resources ExteriorFoppe Visual spent a great deal of time and effort collaborating with the Jon Davis Center to create a unique look and feel for the facility. After a period of close consultation, a brilliant and visually stunning design solution was agreed upon. Each design that was included in Foppe Visual's design proposal was designed with the installation in mind, and as a result Foppe Visual would also be instrumental in the implementation.

Dimensional LogoThe high contrast Black and Orange motif instantly demands ones attention as they enter the facility, as the wrestling center's fierce mascot captures the competitive spirit of the wrestlers who compete within. Throughout the Jon Davis center, this theme is echoed in the abundant collection of installations such as vinyl graphics, custom paintwork, dedication areas, wayfinding signage and more. Competitor and parent alike can take pride in their athletic achievements as the philosophy of the FCA that Jon Davis firmly believed in resonates throughout the facility.

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